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Dec. 7th & 8th

Anaheim Convention Center

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Gaming Area


Bushiroad Championship Series 2019


December 7th: Cardfight!! Vanguard - Standard & Weiss Schwarz

December 8th: Cardfight!! Vanguard - Premium & Future Card Buddyfight

Registration: 9AM – 10AM

For more information please click the following link:

Band League!


For the first time ever outside of Japan, the popular Weiss Schwarz tournament “Band League!” will be making its inaugural debut! Construct a deck with your favorite band and battle it out, Weiss Schwarz style to see who rules the stage! Open to only 64 participants a day, it will strictly be on a “first come, first served” basis.
Registration will close once all places are filled.

Rules can be found here:

Band League.png

Bingo Free Fight!

Don't miss this fun and exciting event for Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight, and Weiss Schwarz! Aim for "Bingo" by clearing missions while playing your games and win special prizes!

Matsuri Mat.png

Free Fight Bingo Rules:


Players will receive a Bingo Free Fight mission score sheet for the respective game they wish to play.

Players must line up in the Bingo Free Fight queue to be matched with another player.

When you complete a mission, please call a side events staff member for verification so they may stamp your mission sheet. Missions are invalid without staff verification.


Once a player has three stamps in a row or referred to as a “Bingo!”, that player may submit the mission scoresheet and are granted one spin of the “Bingo Prize Wheel”. If all missions are completed, a player may turn in their mission score sheet to receive a 3 star prize in addition to their spin!


  • Prize(s) can only be redeemed in exchange for your mission score sheet.

  • English edition only.

  • Matches are best of 1, no time limit.

  • After finishing your game, please stay in your seat and call a staff.
    Once a staff confirms the results, you may line-up for your next game.

  • Players must complete one bingo sheet each game at a time and cannot receive multiple Bingo sheets.

2 Star Prize: 1x Booster Pack of  the game played.

VG Logo.png
BUDDYFIGHT5_rogo_Eng_fix-01_hi res.png

1 Star Prize: Cardfight!! Vanguard Lanyard w/ Card Holder or Future Card Buddyfight Storage Box


Free Fight Promos can be found here.

Clan Leader Fight [Dec. 8th] 

VG Logo.png

Also back by popular demand is the Clan Leader Side Event!
Do you have what it takes to be the leader of your favorite clan?


Clan Leader Rules:


  • Players must first line up to be paired in the queue and receive a Clan Leader sheet.

  • Win or lose players must raise their hands for a side event staff to sign off their sheet.

  • When each player is finished with their match, players will line up in the queue to be paired once again.

  • Players will receive 1pt per victory ( score will be recorded on the sheet that was given to them at the beginning )

  • The Player with the most points playing a specific clan becomes the clan leader.
    ( must have a minimum of 10 points to be eligible to become clan leader)

  • English edition only.

  • Must play in Clan leader side event area.

  • Same Clans may play against each other.

  • One sheet per person.

  • Only one Clan Leader winner can be chosen per clan, players cannot win multiple clan leader cards.

  • In the incident of a tie in points with another clan leader, players will play each other, and the winner will be chosen as clan leader and receive the prize.

3 Star Prize: CharaExpo USA 2019 Matsuri Playmat

Fate/Grand Order Duel

–collection figure–

FGO Duel KV.jpg

Gather round, Heroic Spirits!
The FGO Duel Tournament is coming to CharaExpo USA 2019!

More information below!


Stay up to date with
ate/Grand Order online at:

Fate/Grand Order Duel Chara Expo USA 2019 Tournament

Rules and Regulations

Tournament 1: December 7th, (10am to 3pm)

Tournament 2: December 8th, (10am to 3pm)

  • 48 players will be admitted to each tournament on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Each player must bring their own respective Servant figures deck and chain markers. Each player must register a party of 3 Servants before the tournament. For restriction on party formation, please refer to Players may not switch Servants once the tournament starts.

  • Each Servant character must come with 1 figure, 1 Servant Character Card, 5 Command Cards, and 1 Skill Card. This tournament will feature the Advance Rules. For details, please refer to

  • Tournament signup will be available at the Fate/Grand Order Duel -collection figure- reception desk in the Gaming area on each day of the tournament between 9am to 10am.

  • 48 players will be separated into three groups (A, B, and C) through random assignment. 16 players in each group.

The tournament will be split into two stages

  • Stage 1 of the tournament will be round robin-style. Group A will play against Group B, while Group C will be on standby. Players in Group C will replace the losers of the first match, and the losers from the first match will become the new Group C and be on standby. This will repeat until 16 players secure three wins. These 16 players will move on to Stage 2.

  • Stage 2 of the tournament will be split into two brackets, with 8 players in each bracket, single elimination. Winners will advance in the bracket until a champion is decided.

*Rules and regulations may be subject to change

Prize List

1st Place:

  • Trophy

  • Promotional card full set

  • Prize Assort A

2nd Place:​

  • Prize Assort A

Chrono Clash System


Announcing the Chrono Clash System Championship Series tournament at CharaExpo USA 2019! Both days of CharaExpo USA will feature blistering battles of the Naruto Boruto and Godzilla Card Games! Qualify through singles or brawl battles to be invited to participate in the Sunday Finals event! Participate and win special exclusive prizes, including the chance to design your own card!

CharaExpo USA 2019 - where champions will be made!


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